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Australian Politics 2017

Never before have we seen so many Australians so enraged and so disrespectful of Party politicians.  Never before have we seen so many groups springing up, hosting online forums or forming new political Parties that are ostensibly "patriot", "pro-Australian" or "anti-major-Party".

For months now we have been treated with condescension by the rorters inside all the major political Parties.  A House of Representatives Speaker chartering a helicopter at taxpayers' expense when a short car ride would have served the purpose.  A Minister flying backwards and forwards at taxpayers' expense to catch up with her boyfriend on the Gold Coast and to purchase real estate for herself, allegedly "on a whim".  Another Minister jetting in at public expense to watch a polo match with her partner on her arm.

Ministers travelling across the country to go to a private New Year's Eve party just weeks after Malcolm Turnbull had rolled Tony Abbott for the leadership of the parliamentary Liberal Party, and by default the Prime Ministership of the nation.  Members of Parliament charging taxpayers' to attend a mate's wedding.  A senior Opposition spokesman taking his girlfriend on an exotic European holiday at public expense when he was still married to another woman at home.  A Senator significantly overspending her allocated travel expenses while promoting her Leftist agenda and ignoring the will of the Australian people.

Yes, all four Parties have their noses firmly in the trough.  Then there are the double-dipping former politicians still on the public purse.  Retired politicians living the high life, some decades after leaving office, including former Prime Ministers who were spectacularly ejected from office.

But it is not just the excess and audacity of this privileged lifestyle.  It is the realisation on the part of even apathetic voters that these "elected representatives" are simply not doing the job the Australian people elected them to do.  Sometimes they represent the ideological values or vested interests of their respective Parties, but more and more it just looks like they are looking after their own personal or pecuniary interests.

Meanwhile, banks (both Australian and foreign-owned) continue to get richer while farmers lose their livelihoods and credit card holders continue to pay exorbitant interest rates even though world interest rates are at an all-time low.  Insurance companies are weedling their way out of responsibility while their customers go bankrupt or face life-threatening conditions. Mining companies continue to degrade the environment and to take massive profits out of the country virtually untaxed.  Manufacturing industries collapse and Australia's dependence on imports continues to grow.  Our armed forces march on imported boots.

Our governments continue to take in substantial numbers of "refugees" from other countries, while thousands of our own citizens cannot find work, or are struggling to keep a roof over their own head or provide for their own families.  Successive Liberal Treasurers keep looking to the social security system to provide savings for the national budget while refusing to address fair taxation of the rich and wealthy.

Extremist minority groups bully and intimidate companies to subscribe to their Halal Certification rort, pilfering millions from unsuspecting shoppers to fund their anti-Australian schools and mosques, both here and overseas.

Vast tracts of land lie abandoned or unused simply because our governments lack a vision for the future, or are happy for mining companies to rip out the minerals without putting anything of real value back into local infrastructure or communities.  Much of regional Australia does not even have all-weather roads or access to the internet, education and medical facilities which city voters take for granted.

Now our Government is seizing long-term productive grazing or farming land to train foreign soldiers.  We already have under-utilised military facilities perfectly suitable for training purposes all over Australia that should be considered first.  Is it any wonder farmers are upset?

And, yes, the boats may have stopped, but our peaceful, democratic lifestyle is being troubled by individuals who do not even respect our national laws or our Judeo-Christian heritage.  Just ask the average Aussie what should happen to those who do not want to fit in to our way of life or who want their own laws and are now demanding that we change to suit them.

The Australian people are crying out for something better...

15 January 2017

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