Community Forums...

For several years, Australian Voice has supported moves to bring smaller Parties which share similar values together.  It is pointless all competing for the same votes and not winning seats.

So we are excited that in October 2017, a group of conservative thinkers pooled resources to create AusVoice Community Forums Inc., an independent incorporated Association, to organise and hold Community Forums for like-minded people to discuss things of mutual interest and to break down the barriers which are keeping conservative voters in tribal groups, competing against each other, instead of exchanging preferences and working to get genuine, conservative candidates across the line around Australia.

These groups foster good relationships between people from different political Parties, and share information so that we are all better informed and better equipped to compete with an increasingly active Left.  All conservative voters are welcome to attend, irrespective of which candidates you support at election time, or which Party you might belong to.

It is time to BUILD, not fracture and fragment.  We encourage you to "check out" your nearest Community Forum and add your voice to the growing call for conservatives to be united, not divided.  Thanks!