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Core Values

Revised and updated in January 2017, these are our core values – the fundamental values that we hold to and which are incorporated into our published policies and our Constitution.

1 Australian Voice believes that Australia is an independent, sovereign nation accountable to its own people but with an obligation to play a positive and peaceful role in the global environment.
2 Australian Voice believes that no Australian land should be owned by foreign citizens, corporations or other interests.
3 Australian Voice recognises that Australia's mineral wealth is a finite resource which belongs to the nation and to its people.  As such, it needs to be managed for the benefit of all Australians and not exploited by a minority or for the benefit of foreign interests.
4 Australian Voice is committed to seeking honest and accountable Government at all levels for the benefit and long-term future of all Australians.
5 Australian Voice believes that people should come first, rather than political Parties or the pecuniary interests of candidates or Members of Parliament.
6 Australian Voice believes in grassroots democracy and in the principles of Citizens' Initiated Referenda.  It aims to implement these concepts both within its own organisation and within the broader Australian community.
7 Australian Voice supports candidates who undertake to represent the interests of their respective electorates without fear or favour, subject to their personal consciences on moral or ethical issues, and subject to the published Platform of the group.
8 Australian Voice believes that all public hospitals, schools, roads, railways, port facilities, airports, electricity generation and distribution networks, gas distribution networks, water conservation projects, and community water supplies belong to the people and should be efficiently managed by entities controlled by and accountable to the people.
9 Australian Voice recognises the traditional family unit as the fundamental building block of our society and is therefore committed to restoring and upholding traditional family values based on our Judeo-Christian heritage.



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