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So why are there so many political Parties?

Mostly, we suspect, because there are so many little people with big egos!  And too many people who think they have all the answers when it is plain we'd get a better result if we encouraged more people to participate in our democracy and to contribute their ideas for a better outcome.

Why not w…

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Our recent discussions confirm that most smaller right-of-centre political Parties in Australia agree on all or most of the following key statements:

  • We love Australia and consider it to be our home and our future.
  • We respect and cherish Australia's Judeo-Christian foundation and heritage.

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Bennelong By-election 2017 (NSW)

Bennelong.  Again, the pollsters had no idea.  Considering all the reasons it might have turned out differently, it was a comfortable hold for the Liberals.

There were two losers.  Firstly, Labor.  Again they brought in an outsider as a "star candidate" and failed.  It simply does not work.  Bes…

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Labor's Proposed New Queensland Ministry


Queensland's new cabinet line-up:

  • Annastacia Palaszczuk - Premier and Minister for Trade
  • Jackie Trad - Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnership…

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"Celebrity Parties"

Over the last few years many new political Parties have been registered with Australia's various Electoral Commissions, either State or national.  It is largely an expression of dissatisfaction with the four major Parties which have essentially grouped into two dominant "coalitions", the Liberal/Na…

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Crazy Decisions

It is clear Labor will be forming the next government in Queensland.  The conservative vote has been very effectively scattered across the paddock by the crazy decision of Pauline Hanson and her lieutenant James Ashby to put the more conservative Liberal National Party candidates last in dozens of …

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