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October 7, 2015

Australia's electoral system has long been dominated by two major political Parties which essentially take turns providing government.  When voters get weary or angry with one Party they tend to vote the other Party in, looking for something better.  But the same thing eventually happens again, and the last "bunch" are put back in control again.

More and more, people are realising that this is simply madness.  If we are to get better government, we need to replace career politicians with genuine representatives of our communities who are committed to consensus government and who are prepared to be directly accountable to their own electorates rather than to the agenda of a political Party accountable only to faceless backroom individuals, Big Business or Big Unions.

The present electoral system heavily favours candidates representing the two major political Parties, yet a large minority of voters do not support either political Party.  These voters end up having very little say in how Australia is governed.

There are presently registered 37 small alternative Parties without a single Member in the Federal Parliament, and dozens of others have come and gone over the last few years, each trying to influence the political debate.

Many of these small Parties have similar policies and objectives, yet each election they compete against each other as they try to win a seat in the House of Representatives or in the Senate.

Heart-breaking and an incredible waste of resources, it simply perpetuates the myth of "the wasted vote" peddled by the big Parties at election time.

Australian Voice believes that we need to work smarter if we are to get genuine representatives of the people into our Parliaments.

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