Our recent discussions confirm that most smaller right-of-centre political Parties in Australia agree on all or most of the following key statements:

  • We love Australia and consider it to be our home and our future.
  • We respect and cherish Australia's Judeo-Christian foundation and heritage.
  • We believe strong families are essential to a strong society with democratic values.
  • We must have one set of laws for all Australians, wherever we were born or come from.
  • Our politicians need to abide by the same laws as the rest of us, and be loyal only to Australia.
  • No nation can continue to spend more than it earns, so we must get on top of our national debt.
  • Our present taxation system needs a total overhaul to make it fairer and more efficient.
  • We must stop the sell-off of our country.
  • We must end the gravy train of political life.
  • We must create jobs and futures for our children.
  • We must protect our environment, without stalling the economy.
  • Our national Constitution must be restored and strengthened, to protect our way of life, our freedoms, our national identity and our future independence and prosperity as a nation.

We cannot keep fighting each other at election time.  We must exchange preferences and start building a new force in Australian politics.

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