Crazy Decisions

It is clear Labor will be forming the next government in Queensland.  The conservative vote has been very effectively scattered across the paddock by the crazy decision of Pauline Hanson and her lieutenant James Ashby to put the more conservative Liberal National Party candidates last in dozens of seats across Queensland.

Once again, Pauline has shown an incredible lack of judgement in allowing this to happen.  Yes, the buck stops with the leader.  As in the Western Australian State election a few months ago, she has effectively ensured a Labor victory by failing to understand the value (and importance) of properly considered preferencing.  We know that individual One Nation candidates were dumb-founded by being left out of the decision-making process once again.

Pauline's decisions have again handed power to a Party that is in many ways the arch-enemy of One Nation.  It seems Pauline never learns.  As for Ashby, his motives remain questionable.  He certainly has done very little to build the Party since taking over as Pauline's principal advisor. 

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