It's Over?

The South Australian State election has come and gone, and the only winner appears to be the Liberal Party.

After four terms, Labor has finally lost an election.  Left-leaning Nick Xenophon has come a-cropper, not winning a seat himself, and his SA Best Party has failed to win a single seat in the House of Assembly (South Australia's Lower House) in spite of all the pre-election hype which predicted SA Best would win a swag of seats and become a significant influence in State politics.

Nick's team did, however, win two seats in the Legislative Council (South Australia's Upper House), so he lives to fight another day.  The first of these, held by Kelly Vincent, was the sole seat held by the fringe Dignity Party.  The other seat comes from the amalgamated fold of Cory Bernardi's fledgling Australian Conservatives, leaving that Party with just one seat in their home State of South Australia and a fraction of the support once enjoyed by Family First under former Senator Bob Day's leadership.

Polling only 3.1% statewide in the Lower House and just 3.5% in the Upper House, the Party has a long way to go before it wins seats in South Australia, and it leaves Cory Bernardi with a huge deficit in the support he needs to hold his own job as a Senator. Clearly his "better way" was not considered the "right way" by many South Australians.

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