So why are there so many political Parties?

Mostly, we suspect, because there are so many little people with big egos!  And too many people who think they have all the answers when it is plain we'd get a better result if we encouraged more people to participate in our democracy and to contribute their ideas for a better outcome.

Why not work together to build a better country?  And a better political system for all Australians?

  • For example, there is no need for a separate Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Party – most of us already agree that we must protect and re-empower our national Constitution!
  • And why do we need separate Science and Arts Parties?  Why can't we just combine ideas into one really good Education policy which promotes a vibrant, positive, non-sectarian education system that gives every Australian irrespective of age, birthplace, gender or religious stance the opportunity to learn and to prosper?

Why do we need to compete against each other?  It only gives the entrenched bigger Parties the opportunity to "divide and conquer".

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