South Australian State Election

Nominations have now closed for the 2018 State election in South Australia.  Ben Raue from The Tally Room ( has posted the following update:

  • The official list of nominations for lower house seats in the South Australian election was published late yesterday afternoon.  264 candidates nominated, an increase from 204 in 2014.  This is due to an increasing number of minor parties running large numbers of candidates.
  • Six parties are running candidates in 30 seats or more.  Labor, Liberal and the Greens are running full statewide tickets, while Nick Xenophon's SA Best is running in 36 seats, Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives are running in 33, and Kelly Vincent's Dignity Party is running in 30.  Three smaller parties are running nine candidates, along with fifteen independents.
  • There are only three candidates in Kaurna and Stuart, while there are nine candidates in Croydon.

Seems Cory Bernardi has had a change of heart following the negative publicity in January (refer post below), but it remains to be seen whether his group will actually win any seats in the Lower House, or whether Australian Conservatives preferences will just prop up sitting Liberal members as expected.

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