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Urgent Update on Australian Conservatives

November 14, 2017

Unfortunately, Australian Conservatives is not what we first thought it would be.  It is not a grassroots political Party, but entirely controlled from the top like many other political Parties in Australia that are focussed on one individual and his or her ideas rather than on truly representing the will of the people.

We urge anyone looking at Australian Conservatives to carefully read the Party's national constitution first.  Ask lots of questions.  Is this the sort of Party you are looking for?  All decisions are made in South Australia.  All money goes to South Australia.  All candidates are vetted by the Head Office in South Australia.  There are no plans to change.

Over the next few weeks we will be refocussing on our goal to provide Australians with a truly democratic, people-centred political Party, not an organisation which is autocratic and completely undemocratic.

More soon... Thanks!

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