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In the Interests of the People

Perhaps there is no greater issue for voters in Australia at present than the realisation that our governments – at all levels – are not governing in the interests of the people or the nation.

The rage permeates Facebook and other social media (just tap into the recent Sussan Ley saga and see how many people were having a say).  People are genuinely angry not just with the blatant and ongoing abuse of "entitlements", but with the general failure of our politicians to address the real issues of the nation.  Our politicians are seen as "self-serving", putting their own interests ahead of those of their electorates.

We believe that the present "Two-Party system" (or more correctly, the "Two Coalition system" – the Liberal-Nationals vs Labor and The Greens) is simply not working in the interests of our nation.  Whilst the major Parties would have us think they are philosophical and political adversaries, nothing could be further from the truth.  Both Coalitions are selling our country out fast.  Both Coalitions are locked into the corrupt World financial system.  Both Coalitions are moving quickly away from the centre, ignoring the values held by most Australians, and pandering to the demands of a militant Left.  Both Coalitions do all they can to destroy freedom of speech and to attack genuine independents and smaller Parties trying to change the system.  Both Coalitions are failing to address the real issues confronting our nation.  They are simply more interested in power than in governing.

Freedom of speech is being inhibited by "political correctness", the mass media seems to be dominated (and distorted) by sectional interests, corruption bubbles beneath the surface at Federal, State and Local Authority levels, foreign entities are taking massive profits from the nation without paying their fair share of taxation, mining companies are just leaving holes in the ground (often choosing to walk away from rehabilitation with no conscience for the environment), vast sums are being given away to dubious foreign causes with little, if any, accountability, and lobbyists seem to determine the direction of government rather than the needs and aspirations of the nation itself.

Respect for our elected representatives and for our Parliamentary institutions is at an all-time low.  Our Parliaments have become television theatre rather than places for genuine, meaningful debate or discussion about what needs to happen.