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Laying a Solid Foundation

As we noted in the previous essay, without a workable, democratic Constitution only those in charge get heard.

This is a point that is so obvious that one wonders why people keep going down the same path.  It failed with One Nation in 1998.  It failed with Clive Palmer in 2013.  It has hindered the growth of many other Parties with good intentions, as well.  And it is stopping like-minded people from getting together and working together for the good of our country today.

However, in many cases the underlying problem is still egos.  One group thinks they can do it alone, without the wisdom of other minds.  Or individuals somehow feel threatened when those other minds are invited to gather around the table.

The moment egos start to float to the top, we need to remind ourselves that no one person has all the talent.  No one person understands all the issues.  No one person can do everything by himself.  And no one policy or proposal is going to win an election, no matter how exciting.  We need to remember that everyone has value, and that consensus works, not clinging to one's own ideas.

Spending thousands on writing a Constitution is a dreadful waste of money if we are not willing to listen to others of like-mind.  Spending months writing a "you-beaut" policy to win the next election won't mean a thing if we don't build the team to present it to the public.  Talking to disgruntled politicians and trying to persuade them to leave their comfort zone and move to a tiny little party without the resources and manpower to make things happen, is really pretty daft.  And talking about finding candidates for the next election when we haven't even agreed on Core Values is just loony-fringe stuff.

So to those presently talking about "merging", but not actually delivering, stop wasting everyone's time.  Get real and start thinking about our country!  Talking about mergers when you clearly have no intention of yielding any ground is just delusional.

What needs to happen is for genuine, repeat, genuine individuals to sit down as equals, agree on the core ideas - and a set of rules to go by - then to take realistic steps to make change happen, because nothing will change without change itself.  Let's lay the foundation of something that will last.  Let's lay the foundation for a Party that can draw members from across the political spectrum, and then keep them because they feel involved, respected, and needed.

15 February 2017

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