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New Centre-Right Party

Many Australians are looking for an honest and democratic Party which they can trust and feel a part of  a Party which genuinely represents socially-conservative, thinking Australians.

We believe that smaller Right-of-centre Parties should seriously consider the merits of sitting down together and creating something fresh and exciting which could fill this need – not a merger or a takeover, but something completely new.

The proliferation of small Parties has just fragmented the votes of thousands of patriotic Australians disenchanted with the present "Two-Party" (dual coalition) political system.  Instead of pandering to personal egos, we believe we have an obligation to build something which harnesses all our energies into one powerful alternative political movement.

Imagine the strength of working as one team;  the combined financial resources, the combined manpower at election time, the combined voting strength to elect Senators at a Federal level, as well as local representatives to both State and Federal parliaments.

Egos and ambition

Unfortunately, many of the "tiddly-wink" Parties we see starting up all over the country, are being started by political opportunists wanting to get themselves elected somewhere.  They run at the thought of having to sit down and share leadership with others.  They freak out at the thought that others might have better ideas.  They throw a wobbly at the idea that others may not think they are the sort of people we want to represent us at government level.

Why not join forces, so that the best candidates can emerge who can actually win a seat and make a difference?

The old saying that "two heads are better than one" applies in politics as well.  Why have a dozen little Parties all trying to run membership services, trying to put out media releases, struggling to build web pages or keep Facebook updated, struggling to man polling booths, etc., etc.?

Why do some think their idea, their policy, their initiative, is going to change the world?  Especially when it seems they only have one idea in their heads in the first place?  Just read through this list of some of the names registered with the Australian Electoral Commission:

  • Australian Cyclists Party
  • Australian Defence Veterans Party
  • Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
  • Australian Recreational Fishers Party
  • Bullet Train For Australia
  • Consumer Rights and No-Tolls
  • CountryMinded
  • Health Australia Party
  • Love Australia or Leave
  • Mature Australia Party
  • Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)
  • Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens)
  • Renewable Energy Party
  • Science Party
  • Seniors United Party of Australia
  • Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (arguably the most successful of all the micro-Parties, in spite of their name)
  • The Arts Party
  • The Australian Mental Health Party, and more.

These are just some of the registered Parties.  There are dozens of similar groups still building numbers to register.

Of course, some of these are just stooge "feeder" Parties, diverting preferences to bigger Parties, yet many of the people supporting these micro-Parties genuinely believe that their cause or interests have been neglected by the major Parties.  But why limit your Party to just one cause or portfolio?  Bullet Train For Australia?  The Arts Party?

Why not weld a group of these together as one multi-faceted Party committed to genuine change on behalf of their members and others?  Surely we have enough in common to bind together for the common benefit of our supporters, and Australia?

The "Liberal Right" has started merging.  Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives (politically-conservative Liberals) and Family First (essentially, morally-conservative Liberals) are now one unit.  They want a Conservative Liberal Party which keeps its links to Big Business.  That's their call, but isn't it time for other (small-c) conservative Australians to stand together?

Forget the egos, find common values and beliefs, and put the itsy-bitsy issues that maintain the divisions aside.  Decide what is really important, then bind together and be a force to be reckoned with.