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The Need For Unity

Australian Voice believes that it is essential for smaller, like-minded Parties to merge into a single, more effective unit which combines the philosophies and best ideas of the various groups.

Without critical mass and a pooling of talent and skills – and financial resources – none of us can achieve what our country desperately needs, a patriotic alternative to the dishonest bunch presently ignoring the wishes and best interests of the Australian people.

For over twenty years the non-Major Parties have remained fragmented and frustrated.  Names have come and gone.  Hopes have been raised, only to be dashed again.  Nothing has changed.

At the Double Dissolution election on 1 July 2016, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party made a comeback of sorts, taking four Senate positions, but not winning a single seat in the House of Representatives.

Some see One Nation as the answer but in spite of being around for roughly twenty years, One Nation is still fundamentally (some would say, fatally) flawed.  Lacking a democratic structure, One Nation has failed to develop leadership from within its own ranks, has not been able to come up with a reliable candidate selection process, and still largely revolves around the ego of one person.  After two decades, One Nation is still essentially a negative force, reacting to the poor performance of the four major Parties, but unable to come up with a positive alternative vision for the country and still very vulnerable to manipulation by external forces.

Beset by internal division, it will only be a matter of time before One Nation collapses in a heap again.

The simple truth is that just as no one can build a house without a proper foundation, no one can build a successful political Party without establishing a solid foundation that can resist the professional "whiteants" and infiltrators, and can withstand the crazy fringe nutters, the serial Party hoppers, and the inevitable career wanna-be's who latch onto new Parties hoping one day they will be elected.

Parties built around the ego of one person are doomed to fail every time.

One person is not a team.  No matter how charismatic, how clever, how gifted, one person is only one person.  The Hansons, Katters, Palmers, and Xenophons of politics are colourful but rarely make good leaders of teams.  Just listen to the rhetoric.  It's I, Me, Myself. It's My policies, My efforts, My experience, My Party!  I'm the one in control!  Nobody is going to tell me how to run my Party!  Familiar?

The reality is, a political Party is a team of like-minded individuals welded together by agreed and respected rules (a Constitution) so they can work for a common purpose and achieve common goals (Objectives), but none of this will happen unless they all share Common or Core Values.  These three components bring discipline and ultimately success.

Even experienced politicians have realised that it is not easy to build a political Party.  Take the maverick Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter.  A pile of money on the table, and 21 noteworthy Core Values were simply not enough.  Incredible goodwill, burnt up in record time.

Take wealthy businessman Clive Palmer.  Money and a passionate fire in his belly to outwit his enemies were simply not enough.  Massive amounts of money, but no democratic participation.  Incredible publicity, but totally top-heavy and disempowering for everyone else.

Only a Party built around people, serving people, and empowering people will survive.  However, the biggest impediment remains the three-letter word "ego".  Egos have always been the main barrier to genuine, open-minded discussions between groups. 

It seems every time someone tries to get a conversation going, egos float to the top.  A Party official digs his heels in and insists everything is set in stone and "can't be changed" to accommodate others' ideas.  Someone thinks his ideas are the only ones that should be published.  Another thinks there is no need for a foundation, just grab a great policy and get out there!  Or someone insists on running ahead of the pack, prematurely thinking he has all the answers and there is no need for discussion at all. 

If only we could harness all that energy!  If only we could get everyone to have a little more patience, to be a little more reasonable, to stop hearing only their own voice, to instead listen long enough to actually take in the other person's perspective, and then to start seeing ways we can take the best of everyone's ideas and fuse them together to make something that will actually work far better.

It's all pretty sad, but without doing that, nothing changes.  Little Parties stay little Parties, or collapse and die, leaving people frustrated that we can't have that conversation that really needs to happen.

The reality remains.  Without a workable, democratic Constitution only those in charge get heard.  Without well-thought-out Core Values agreed by everyone, there really is no agreement at all.  And without the honesty to accept that we all need to help, that we all can and must contribute, and that we all have value, nothing will ever change.

But it does not have to be this way!

1 February 2017

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