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Australia deserves better!

Australians are fed up with politics at every level, but especially with the Turnbull Coalition Government and the pathetic Labor-Green alliance we have as an "alternative Government".

Five Prime Ministers in seven years?  Is it any wonder our nation is facing...

  • Record Budget deficits and overseas debt
  • Diminishing manufacturing capacity and loss of jobs
  • Increasing foreign ownership
  • Choked city traffic but a lack of services in "the bush"
  • Spiralling electricity costs
  • Further loss of permanent full-time jobs
  • Widespread homelessness
  • Rising suicide rates, especially in our farming communities
  • Struggling families and increasing domestic violence
  • Increasing risk from "home-grown" terrorism
  • A widening gap between rich and poor, with some corporate executives brazenly drawing obscenely massive salaries while hundreds of their staff lose their jobs
  • And more!

There is so much division and self-interest within the major Parties, they simply cannot govern for the people.

Australians are looking for something better!  We want representatives of the people, not puppets of political Parties.

We want patriotic Australians prepared to come up with ideas to rebuild our nation, not self-serving career politicians who seem to only think of their own pockets and their retirement plans.


AusVoice.org is a non-partisan and non-profit community project focussed on getting better representation at all levels of government or public administration in Australia, whether Federal, State or Local Authority.

We invite you to take the time to read all our pages and to become actively involved in building a better Australia...