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The Eureka Flag has come to mean many things to many different people.  The Eureka Badge, above, based on that famous flag, is not a "union logo" as some have supposed but was designed by our National Secretary to represent the motivations behind the establishment of Australian Voice and to symbolise the freedoms we have under Magna Carta 1215 and our National Constitution.


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Urgent Update on Australian Conservatives

November 14, 2017

Unfortunately, Australian Conservatives is not what we first thought it would be.  It is not a grassroots political Party, but entirely controlled from the top like many other political Parties in Australia that are focussed on one individual and his or her ideas rather than on truly representing the will of the people.

We urge anyone looking at Australian Conservatives to carefully read the Party's national constitution first.  Ask lots of questions.  Is this the sort of Party you are looking for?  All decisions are made in South Australia.  All money goes to South Australia.  All candidates are vetted by the Head Office in South Australia.  There are no plans to change.

Over the next few weeks we will be refocussing on our goal to provide Australians with a truly democratic, people-centred political Party, not an organisation which is autocratic and completely undemocratic.

More soon... Thanks!

Merger with Australian Conservatives

July 29, 2017

For more than two years Australian Voice has sought ways to unify conservative voters and to bring about a merger of like-minded right-of-centre political groups into one strong organisation that could offer a realistic alternative to the Liberal-National coalition and the Labor-Green alliance that have dominated Australian politics for too long.


Following a series of discussions and face-to-face meetings, the National Executive recommends to members and supporters that we join forces with Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives Party.  We believe that this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for conservative voters to work together for the good of our nation and for the protection of those values which Australian Voice has stood for since its creation in 2013.

Feel free to email our National President Rick Boskma or National Secretary Bevan Collingwood if you would like further information.



February 10, 2017

Australian Voice is presently in discussion with several other right-of-centre groups with a view to merging and forming a stronger, more-focussed political Party which reflects the combined Core Values, policies and aspirations of the separate groups.  Please read our Australian Politics 2017 feature.  We welcome contact from other similar groups with a view to further discussions.

Australian Conservatives

February 9, 2017

On Tuesday, 7 February 2017, Senator Cory Bernardi quit the ranks of the Liberal Party and announced that he would continue to represent South Australia as an Independent senator pending the formation of a new political Party likely to be called Australian Conservatives.

In hypocritical rage his Liberal colleagues have declared him a traitor and demanded he step down from the Senate and face a fresh election.  They have accused him of deserting the team.

Australians recall the very same Liberals deserting their own Prime Minister in September 2015 after he had led them to a resounding victory in the 2013 Federal election.

We wish Cory every success with his new venture!

Comment: "The Suicide of Germany"

December 27, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we look back on a world-year filled with fanaticism and violence and the continued rise of militant Islam. The so-called "refugee issue" has filled the media, but few have looked at the real reasons why many European countries, and even remote countries like Australia, have been flooded with Muslims from Middle-Eastern places.

Guy Millière regularly writes for the website, https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org.

CLICK HERE to read his latest article, "The Suicide of Germany".

US Presidential Election 2016

November 19, 2016

We have re-posted an interesting article by Jonathon van Maren on the recent US Presidential Election on a separate page:  The painfully obvious reason Christians voted for Trump (that liberals just don’t understand).

It presents the hands-on perspective of someone who is personally involved in US politics.  Please CLICK HERE to read the article.

Opinion Piece - Understanding "the Left"

July 10, 2016

Why the Left Hates Referendums

By Dennis Prager

It was never about Power to the People.

One of the common laments of commentators on the left in Europe and America concerning Brexit is that holding referendums is a bad idea. The most frequently expressed example is the contempt in which the Left holds British prime minister David Cameron for having suggested the referendum in the first place.

But why would the Left hate referendums? Doesn’t the Left claim to represent “the people?” Isn’t one of the most popular sayings of the Left “Power to the People”? Isn’t the American Left trying to abolish the Electoral College precisely because it isn’t directly representative of the people’s will?

One would imagine, therefore, that if anyone would welcome referendums, it would be the Left. So, what gives? The answers explain a great deal about the Left.

First, the Left cares about “the people” as much as the Soviet Communist Party cared about “the workers.” For the Left, real people are either political fodder or, when they support the Left, useful idiots. The Left loves power, not people.

Repeat: The Left loves power, not people.

If that is not understood, the Left is not understood.

The European Union is a perfect example. It is a left-wing exercise in controlling people — in this case, entire nations. That great source of societal damage, the faceless and nameless bureaucrat — in this instance located in Brussels — seeks to control as much of every individual European’s life as possible. There is no limit to the number and extent of rules that the EU passes.

To the Left, nations are archaic constructs, impediments to the left-wing ideal of a world without national identities. This utopia, governed ultimately by a worldwide Brussels — the United Nations or something like it — will be run by a secular totalitarian clergy consisting of left-wing parties; left-wing intellectuals in academia and the media; big corporations vying for government subsidies, and big labor, whose leaders embody the love of power. Fellow travelers include environmentalist and feminist organizations and the religious Left (to the extent that organized Western religion will exist in a left-wing-run world).

Since its beginning, the major, if not only, interest the Left has had in people is to control them. That is the reason for the Left’s fear and loathing of referendums. Every referendum gives people who are not yet controlled by the Left the exceedingly rare opportunity to exercise power.

That is what the people of California did when they voted to amend their state’s constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The Left loathed the proposal itself, characterizing it as “hate.” And after it was passed the Left did what it always does when it can — used judges to overturn the popular will.

The British nation did last week what the citizens of California have done. They exercised their will independently of the Left. Those Britons whose minds were not yet influenced by the Left said that they would rather have Britain stay British and be self-governing than become an identity-free European country governed by Brussels.

Thus, the Left is now apoplectic: No one should be able to defy the Left and get away with it. Just as almost everyone of any prominence who supported California’s Proposition 8 was ultimately punished (such as the CEO of Mozilla Firefox, who, despite his universally acknowledged fair treatment of gays, was fired solely for supporting the notion that marriage should have remained defined as it had always been, as between the two sexes).

America should have a referendum on whether to exit the United Nations, that moral wasteland loved by the Left. In light of Brexit, Republicans should strongly endorse the idea, even if the results aren’t binding.

Brexit represents a ray of optimism. But in the long run even referendums may not matter. As long as the Left controls education and the news and entertainment media, brainwashed populations will vote to destroy their nations and Western civilization generally — as is already happening in the institution most controlled by the Left, the university.

In the meantime, long live the referendum, the last remaining tool for the non-elites and the non-Left to express themselves.

Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist. His latest book, The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code, was published by Regnery. He is the founder of Prager University.

FROM:  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/437217/brexit-referendum-left-opposes-self-government?target=topic&tid=

Australian Voice becomes an independent community forum

October 7, 2015

Australia's electoral system has long been dominated by two major political Parties which essentially take turns providing government.  When voters get weary or angry with one Party they tend to vote the other Party in, looking for something better.  But the same thing eventually happens again, and the last "bunch" are put back in control again.

More and more, people are realising that this is simply madness.  If we are to get better government, we need to replace career politicians with genuine representatives of our communities who are committed to consensus government and who are prepared to be directly accountable to their own electorates rather than to the agenda of a political Party accountable only to faceless backroom individuals, Big Business or Big Unions.

The present electoral system heavily favours candidates representing the two major political Parties, yet a large minority of voters do not support either political Party.  These voters end up having very little say in how Australia is governed.

There are presently registered 37 small alternative Parties without a single Member in the Federal Parliament, and dozens of others have come and gone over the last few years, each trying to influence the political debate.

Many of these small Parties have similar policies and objectives, yet each election they compete against each other as they try to win a seat in the House of Representatives or in the Senate.

Heart-breaking and an incredible waste of resources, it simply perpetuates the myth of "the wasted vote" peddled by the big Parties at election time.

Australian Voice believes that we need to work smarter if we are to get genuine representatives of the people into our Parliaments.

Time for a change?

March 25, 2015

Did you know that Australia's first national Parliament was made up of just 75 Members in the House of Representatives?  16 Labor, 32 Protectionist, 25 Free Trade and 2 Independents.

It is interesting that no one political Party or group held anywhere near a majority in the first Parliament and that decisions were made by consensus rather than by a "ruling Party" or by a Party-controlled Government. 

Today, we have a 150-Member Parliament dominated essentially by just two Parties, with Government controlled by the Party scoring the highest number of seats in the House of Representatives.

Do we somehow have better Government?

Many people think that the two major Parties are more interested in winning elections and in staying in power than in representing or serving the people;  that they have stopped listening to the people, following their own agendas instead;  and that, through their constant tinkering with the electoral system, they have actually hijacked our democracy to suit themselves.

Have you noticed how often politicians from the major Parties say one thing before an election, then do the opposite afterwards?  How they suddenly claim a mandate for all sorts of things that they want to do, but which the people have never agreed to or asked for?

Australian Voice believes it is time for a change.

It is time for ordinary, every-day Australians to take back our democracy and to have Governments that are accountable to the people — not to Big Business or to the Union Movement, or to foreign interests.

We are not a political Party, but support genuine Independents prepared to represent their communities in our Parliaments and Local Authorities.  We are exclusively funded by our own members.  We are not sponsored, financed or directly influenced by any corporation, union, church or other lobby group.

Our aim is to give a voice to ordinary Australians by helping collate and disseminate policies and ideas that reflect the mainstream thinking of the community.

We invite you to take a few minutes to check out our pages...