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"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers"

Ralph Nader

Australian Voice... A fresh alternative!

altAustralia's political system needs a complete overhaul.  The so-called Two-Party system is not serving the Australian people.  Instead, it is about keeping career politicians, and those who benefit from their corrupt administration, in power.

Both major Parties have been losing support for decades, but they stay in office because the alternatives are fragmented or not really interested in replacing them.  Dozens of Parties have sprung up over the last few years... single issue Parties, protest Parties, "celebrity Parties"... but none of these are the answer.

Australian Voice is unique in several ways...

♦   We are a members Party, not a leader's Party.

For too long, egos have dominated Australian politics.  Australian Voice is about members, not about the leader.  As a Party, our focus is on serving our members and their respective communities, not on fulfilling the ambitions or promoting the egos of professional politicians.

We believe the task of a political Party is to find solutions for the problems facing our nation, and to serve the people, not to promote the personal careers or the pet ideas of individuals.  For example, our candidates represent the communities that they live in and, when elected, will represent their respective electorates without fear or favour.

♦   Our Constitution ensures grassroots democracy at every level of our organisation.

Few other Parties in Australia can even come near Australian Voice for genuine, grassroots democracy and fairness from bottom to top.  Power is vested in the members, not in the leader or the executive.

The members control the Party, not a Senator or other politician who really should be fully focussed on his or her job as a member of Parliament, representing the people, not in controlling a political Party.  This ensures grassroots democracy directs the Party, rather than politicians, paid employees or "directors", or (worse still) politically-ambitious rejects of other political Parties. 

♦   Our policies come from our members and from their communities, not from distant "elected representatives" or employees of Head Office.

Australian Voice draws on the collective experience and wisdom of many people, and is not limited by the perspective of a few individuals with a narrow agenda.  Our members propose and vote on policy initiatives which reflect their own aspirations and interests.  They do not complete meaningless "policy surveys" from Head Office, the results of which are never published or explained.

♦   Our candidates are chosen by local members, not by the Party leader or by faceless "insiders" controlling the executive of the Party.

We believe that local members are often in a far better position to assess the potential or ability of a candidate than someone who has never met them or whose busy political career separates him or her from the day-to-day concerns of the electorate concerned.

Voters are also tired of "parachuted" candidates who neither represent nor understand the local community, but clearly represent the interests of the Party instead, or of factional groups within the Party.

♦   Our candidates (and our leaders) come from every walk of life.

We are not dominated by career politicians, lawyers, or union officials, nor are we beholden to bankers, business cartels or industry lobbyists.  Unlike many professional politicians and their minders, our candidates and leaders have real-life experience, commonsense and an understanding of what our nation needs.

Our leadership comes from our grassroots membership, not from professional politicians or faceless minders imposing their ideas and will on their supporters.

♦   Australian Voice has no "faceless men" behind the scenes steering the Party.

In Australian Voice, everyone involved in leadership roles has grown with the Party and is known to the members.  Unlike many other Parties in Australia, every leadership position can be contested and is subject to a ballot each year.  There is no unchangeable Party leadership (dictatorship) and there are no "faceless men".  No top-down political Party can say that.