Australian values

Australian families

Australian businesses

Australian communities

Who are we?

We are Australians who love our country... grandparents, mums and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, neighbours, friends and colleagues.  Everyday Aussies.

Farmers, doctors, students, bus drivers, bookkeepers, shop assistants, truckies, brokers, engineers, nurses, pilots, architects, steel workers, bakers, ship builders, fishermen, defence personnel, accountants, policemen, social workers, teachers, butchers, tyre fitters, designers, librarians, builders, scientists, "tradies" and professionals of every kind ... And between us we have all the skills Australia ever needs.

Yet, somehow, we have professional politicians running our country, who frankly don't have a clue! (Or, alternatively, are working deliberately for a foreign agenda.)

  • Our national budget is in debt beyond belief.
  • We keep taking from the workers and battlers of our country and giving huge tax cuts to the rich.
  • We cannot even answer the telephone at Centrelink, so our most vulnerable can have food on their tables.
  • Our crazy politicians keep giving our money away to foreign governments that don't even like us.
  • Whole communities of our aboriginal people live in poverty and hopelessness.
  • Our mineral wealth is sold off to foreigners at a pittance, while our own citizens can't find gainful work.
  • Our governments destroy our most valuable farming and grazing land, to let foreign companies steal our vast reserves of underground gas.
  • Our cities are congested, but many of our rural towns are dying from lack of people.
  • We are a land of massive floods, yet most of our country begs for water.
  • And much more...

Let's be frank.  Most of those we have elected to run our country are either clueless or traitors to their own country.

So we have decided it's time to do something about it.  We cannot sit idly by while professional politicians destroy our country and while wanna-be politicians play games creating their own political Parties.  It is time for change.  Genuine change.