What are "Judeo-Christian Values"?

Australian Voice is made up of people from all walks of life, all nationalities and all faiths.

So what do we mean by "Judeo-Christian values" or "Judeo-Christian heritage"?  Not to be confused with "religious values" or "church doctrines", both of which are often seen to be imperfect and fragile – and sometimes divisive, dogmatic, and even hypocritical.

Australian Voice is non-sectarian.  We simply believe in those well-established and dependable Australian values which came to us through the Judeo-Christian teachings that our nation was founded on.

It is these values for which many Australians have given their lives since Federation – the solid, community values that have stood the test of time and are the very essence of our society.

Values like...

   •  Accountability
   •  Caring for the vulnerable
   •  Compassion
   •  Courtesy
   •  Diligence
   •  Doing good to others
   •  Faithfulness or fidelity
   •  Honesty
   •  Hope
   •  Impartiality
   •  Integrity
   •  Justice (our whole system of British justice is based on Judeo-Christian values)
   •  Kindness
   •  Loyalty
   •  Love
   •  Mercy
   •  Patience
   •  Respect for each other, for our elders and for those in authority
   •  Selflessness
   •  Steadfastness
   •  etc

Some may be surprised that none of these values come from humanism or secularism, or from any other man-centred philosophy.  Their origin lies solely in the Judeo-Christian faith, extending back more than 6000 years into civilised history.

If someone wants to remove "Judeo-Christian values" from our Constitution or from our policies, what do we replace them with?  Do we replace them, for example, with the values of those who are already trying to stop our Anzac Day, Easter and Christmas traditions?  With the values of those who would replace our present justice system with the brutal and barbaric traditions of Islamic Sharia Law?

The simple reality is that "Australian values", at least the ones we all believe in, are in actual fact "Judeo-Christian values", deeply respected in all civilised societies.